[nSLUG] External hard drive problems

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Thu Mar 13 17:03:04 ADT 2008

Someone asked  about external USB drive with 80gb that could not be read 
on Linux.

This Knowledge base article, # 314463 on Microsoft.com,  indicates that 
XP cannot create or format FAT32  larger than 32Gb but it can read larger 
than 32 GB.  Maximum cluster size is 32kb.  

If the partition has been created with a cluster size larger than 32kb it 
will fail.

Check your cluster size.

If you use Win98 SE or Win ME (sic) you can create a partition larger 
than 32Gb which XP can read and write.  It wil have the correct maximum 
cluster size for the partition size you select.


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