[nSLUG] Announcement: :nSLUG-talk Mailing List

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Thu Mar 13 10:38:23 ADT 2008

Could we perhaps have more clear guidelines on what goes where? I  
generally think any measure of "technicalness" wont work; Linux of  
course is not just about technology.

For example, discussing dealing with large FAT32 partitions is perhaps  
"technical", but not really about Linux, but something I'm prepared to  
wade through. Talking about moving to Nova Scotia is something I care  
about very little  when remotely connected to technology. The  
existence, creation, development, of OIS at http://opensource.org is  
not at all technical, is only tangentially related to Linux, but  
highly important. Unquestionably more important then one users  
technical support question, or even talk about some kernel internals.

So what goes where? While one of the current threads isn't about  
Linux, why have we morphed the definition of the list to be about  
"very technical" discussions? After my very short hours long sample,  
it would seem that I now have to subscribe to two lists, and get  
chatter even further off topic.

Quoting Jon Watson <me at jonwatson.ca>:
> My hope is that the nSLUG-talk list will be used to discuss issues that are
> of interest to Linux users, but perhaps of a less technical nature than the
> main list. It will provide place for people to post lighter fare or have
> non-technical discussions which may alleviate some of the off-topic stuff
> being posted to the main list. It also provides a very simple means to

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