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Tue Mar 11 18:45:49 ADT 2008


On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 6:38 PM, Ian Campbell <ian at slu.ms> wrote:

> I'd like a separate list for discussion of the creation of other
> lists. This discussion is boring and off-topic, and I'm totally
> unsubscribing (read: taking my ball and going home) if this doesn't
> stop.
> I would post more, but I can't actually see my screen through the
> tears anymore. I hope this is still coherent.

 Although I am quite sure you're trolling, you demonstrate my point. If we
had a talk group we could have this discussion there (although we wouldn't
have a discussion about creating a talk group on the talk group, but you get
my meaning) and users like you who prefer not to be bothered with such
things wouldn't be.

As it is now, you have no choice but to leave entirely and the group will
lose your knowledge and participation completely.

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