[nSLUG] Mad Penguin: Linux Gaming 2.0: Why More Linux Users Aren't Gamers

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Mar 11 14:26:32 ADT 2008

Michael Lauzon wrote:
> What would it take to get more Linux users playing video games? A
> better selection of native games for the Linux platform? It has been
> tried over and again with very limited results. But perhaps it's worth
> trying again, this time with real, obtainable tools and help? Enter
> Garage Games.
The games do run better and faster on Linux than they ever did on Windows.
When I see a game that supports Linux, I would pick it up if I like it.  

I've never been an avid gamer, in my younger years. I use games as a 
form of relaxation.
Besides, my wife would probably not like it if I spent all my free time 
playing games or coding.
Working 10 to 12 hours days already, doesn't leave much room for games.  
I found other hobbies,
like playing guitar and photography.   But, every now in then... the 
desire to play Doom or GTA surfaces. :)

Loki tried a few years back, but the cost of the licensing the 
proprietary libraries drove them under.
(Overestimating the market hurt too).

I did buy a few of their games, was planning on others until they pulled 
the plug.
I still like playing Heroes of Might and Magic III, but don't have the 
time for role playing games.
I do have a series of Quake 2 & 4 (3 was fun, but I like solitaire 
games), Dooms 1,2,Ultimate, and 3.

Playstation 2 - I mostly have Hockey, Madden, GTA (a few of them), Ghost 
Recon (was decent).

Thats about it for my gamin endeavors.  I would like to play others, 
maybe if I didn't have long hours,
and was still single. :P  But then I'd probably be programming like 
crazy.  I program a lot at work,
and I think my wife would shoot me if I started on my spare time as 
well.  I do reminisce  to my youth,
pulling a few 72 hour programming runs... :P  Coke Classic and Cold 
Pizza days.


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