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I'm one of those members that belongs on LUG mailing lists primarily for
Linux's sake. While I realize that off topic conversations occur in all
mailing lists, the past 2 days on this list have been quite trying for me.
Between Michael's computer guy and the inevitably top post/bottom post
argument, there has been a lot of traffic on the list, but almost none of it
useful to any degree.

I  belonged to the Calgary LUG before coming out to NS and the CLUG
experienced a similar problem with their general mailing list when their
membership reached a certain level. The discussion on the mailing list
became essentially a wide open firehose that was hard to control. The CLUG
experienced a drop in mailing list membership which had a specific and
measurable effect on the sum of knowledge on the mailing list.

To combat this, CLUG introduced a new mailing list called clug-talk. The
purpose of that mailing list was to provide a forum for CLUG members to talk
about topics that aren't in the scope of the general mailing. Once this
forum was made available (and some gentle prompting to some users who didn't
get it right off the bat) the off topic stuff largely ended up in the talk
mailing list and the general mailing list was returned to a place that was
mostly Linux related once again. Many of the users who left due to the
chatter on the general list returned. All in all it was a good decision and
retained the knowledge of the LUG.

With that in mind, I would like to propose that an nslug-talk mailing list
be commissioned with the same principals in mind: to keep the general list
largely targetted in Linux topics and to provide a list for members to
converse about other topics.

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