[nSLUG] Hard Disk Compatibility

Diane Derrick diane.derrick at ns.sympatico.ca
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2 things make a hard drive compatible.

1) interface - as already discussed the 2 most common for home PC are IDE and SATA.  Most older systems are IDE.

2) BIOS - the code on the motherboard has to be able to recognize the full size of the hard drive.  there are ways around it but it gets trickier.  Check out this like for bios limitations


You can still get cheap new 80GB drives.


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  Hi Everyone,


  I have a simple question that I am trying to figure out.  I had gone to a local computer store to purchase a HD for my 1.0 GHZ computer and was told that only one model was compatible to my old PC.  It was an 80 GB HD which was fine for my Linux distro needs.


  I have now received an Acer  PIII 600 without a HD and am looking at getting one for another Linux install.  What makes a HD compatible? Where can I find a good priced, low capacity drive (less than 60 GB)








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