[nSLUG] Hard Disk Compatibility

Ian Campbell ian at slu.ms
Mon Mar 10 19:29:38 ADT 2008

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 07:24:26PM -0300, sbo at eastlink.ca wrote:
> I have a simple question that I am trying to figure out.  I had gone to a
> local computer store to purchase a HD for my 1.0 GHZ computer and was told
> that only one model was compatible to my old PC.  It was an 80 GB HD which
> was fine for my Linux distro needs.
> I have now received an Acer  PIII 600 without a HD and am looking at getting
> one for another Linux install.  What makes a HD compatible? Where can I find
> a good priced, low capacity drive (less than 60 GB)

I'm admittedly not much of a hardware nerd, but...

Assuming it wasn't an issue with 40 vs 80 pin IDE cables, I'm not
really sure what the issue would be... I *think* you're safe. Your
BIOS may not detect the drive properly, but Linux will happily ignore

... I have a hard time believing that a 1.0ghz machine has any
particular difficulty with large hard disks, but I guess I could be
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