[nSLUG] OT: Does Anyone Have An Extra PATA EIDE HDD Jumper

Daryl 7thson.clone at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 09:30:56 ADT 2008

Michael Lauzon wrote:
> As the subject says: 'does anyone have an extra PATA EIDE HDD jumper',
> as I seem to have misplaced the one for this HDD, and need it because
> it's going to be a slave drive?
Hi Michael,

if it is just a standard jumper, I have a bunch of them. Can even give 
you a choice of colors in red, blue, black and green ;) I make a habit 
of stripping them off old motherboards I'm trashing just for cases like 
this when someone needs one. I'm in Spryfield if you want a few of them.


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