[nSLUG] Eastlink cable modem access

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Thu Jan 31 14:20:45 AST 2008

Quoting Jon <me at jonwatson.ca>:

> Interesting. Granted, I don't spend a lot of time watching DHCP logs, but I
> would think that the second example is more indicative of a 'normal' DHCP
> request as it is a broadcast request on port 67. This is designed to hit any
> DHCP server on the network in the hopes that it will give out an address.
> Given that a computer without an IP address cannot communication on a TCP/IP
> network. I can't see how a DHCP request to a specific address (like  in your
> first snippet) would succeed. Perhaps it's a refresh request in that the
> interface already has an IP assigned to it and can therefore query a
> specific DHCP server.

True when you the client is starting out, and is totally ignorant of  
itself and the world.. However, when refreshing a lease you first ask  
who told you last time.

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