[nSLUG] Anyone Heard Of Ubuntu-Tweak...?

Oliver Doepner odoepner at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 11:10:35 AST 2008


I tend to stay away from all those "Tweaking" tools. They do things 
under the covers, are often poorly written and maintained and appeal 
mostly to those new users who are used to "Tweaking the Registry" back 
in their Windows days.

This particular tool that you mentioned is for standard Ubuntu and the 
_GNOME_ desktop in particular. It is not for KDE, not for XFCE, not for 
the other leaner window managers that are more suitable for the AMD K6 
machine that you want to use.

The standard GNOME configuration options (in the UI) are so dumbed down 
that I can perfectly understand the motivation for this tool. GNOME has 
this weird policy that "the user" would only be confused by too many 
config options and so (at least) the core GNOME components like Metacity 
(window manager), Nautilus (file manager), etc. have really poor 
configuration UIs.

On the other hand, GNOME has its own configuration settings 
infrastructure named "gconf" that can manage way more options than what 
the UI exposes to the user. The resulting effect is in some ways similar 
to the Windows Registry: You can use a gconf editor (think "regedit") to 
"tweak" things on the low level. But as with the Windows Registry, you 
are on your own and can easily break things.

I guess that "Ubuntu-Tweak" is trying to bridge this gap between the 
GNOME configuration UI and GCONF.

Having said that, Michael, you could have found out that this tool is 
only for GNOME (i.e. irrelevant for you short-term purposes) by simply 
reading the page that you sent the URL for.

GNOME is not a lightweight desktop environment.

Look into XFCE or ROX Desktop (http://roscidus.com/) if you want a light 
desktop environment.

Check out "pure" window managers like fluxbox if you want to save even 
more resources: http://rox.sourceforge.net/desktop/static.html

I would not recommend twm. It is old and does not support more recent 
standards for window manager inter-operability. Also, it's been 
unmaintained for quite a while: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twm


Michael Lauzon wrote:
> Just found the following article while surfing the Web, it's about an
> application for Ubuntu called "Ubuntu-Tweak"...has anyone ever heard
> of it?  Well, if not...here is the URL to the short article:
> http://www.howtoforge.com/tweaking-hidden-ubuntu-settings-with-ubuntu-tweak

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