[nSLUG] Good DSL Providers In NS...?

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Tue Jan 29 10:34:30 AST 2008

Jeff Warnica wrote:
> Quoting Michael Lauzon <mlauzon at gmail.com>:
>> Oliver,
>> Well, if I was to go for Eastlink, it would be only for Cable TV, as I
>> am not impressed with the Traffic Shaping that the cable companies do
>> when it comes to getting Internet access through them.
>> There has got to be more than Aliant for DSL, as Aliant is a Bell
>> company and Bell is not playing pretty with BitTorrent or any other
>> P2P application.
> You would be wrong on both points. Eastlink may do traffic shaping,  
> but less then Aliant. Here, in HRM, contrary to all worldly  
> conventional wisdom and technologies available, Eastlink is faster.
> As for Aliant being a Bell company, while true, it is an independent  
> Bell company. They may share a national phone and data backbone, but  
> customer-level policies like traffic shaping are independently enforced.
> The alternative to Eastlink or Aliant for residential data is to go  
> with a commercial data provider. But, GroupTelecom is also a "Bell  
> company"

Funny how deregulation was to be the Godsend to Telecommunications!
It's what everyone, but government, predicted...  pick your monopoly today.

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