[nSLUG] Good DSL Providers In NS...?

Jeff Warnica jeff at coherentnetworksolutions.com
Tue Jan 29 10:46:29 AST 2008

Quoting Michael Lauzon <mlauzon at gmail.com>:

> Oliver,
> Well, if I was to go for Eastlink, it would be only for Cable TV, as I
> am not impressed with the Traffic Shaping that the cable companies do
> when it comes to getting Internet access through them.
> There has got to be more than Aliant for DSL, as Aliant is a Bell
> company and Bell is not playing pretty with BitTorrent or any other
> P2P application.

You would be wrong on both points. Eastlink may do traffic shaping,  
but less then Aliant. Here, in HRM, contrary to all worldly  
conventional wisdom and technologies available, Eastlink is faster.

As for Aliant being a Bell company, while true, it is an independent  
Bell company. They may share a national phone and data backbone, but  
customer-level policies like traffic shaping are independently enforced.

The alternative to Eastlink or Aliant for residential data is to go  
with a commercial data provider. But, GroupTelecom is also a "Bell  

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