[nSLUG] Re: Anyone Have An Extra: Monitor (CRT), Keyboard, Mouse?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Jan 28 16:22:19 AST 2008

Eugene wrote:

> I'm hoping you won't take personal offence to this, but honestly, I
> don't think this e-mail list is the right forum for the things you
> are looking for.....this e-mail list from what I've seen is
> primarily for troubleshooting or job notifications

C'mon, Eugene, from what I've seen, this province is a venue for snow
and ice.  if you want flowers and robins, you should go elsewhere.
Jeez. This list is a venue for Linux and the nature of the topics
raised is, predictably, bursty.

I installed my first Linux with zero help from outsiders, eh?  So
Michael should be able to do that too, eh?  Oh, well, but then, at that
point, I had 10 years experience as a BSD Unix user.  OTOH, I recall
my first month as a Unix user.  I was just some guy hanging out where
60 or so people were furiously trying to get Project Athena stable
before the funding expiry deadline. I will be forever grateful to a
couple of busy staffers who gave me a few hours of intense
hand-holding.  After that, and the purchase of a couple of books (ones
not to be found anywhere around here) I was on my way.

I made an interesting observation hanging out with the heavy techies
at Project Athena that was later confirmed verbally by a couple of
people: Nearly everybody was prepared to answer questions or explain
something for an eager learner.  But heaven help the guy who asked the
same question a second time after getting a long, detailed answer from
someone who was possibly one of the world's dozen best authorities on
the subject.  I mentioned a problem with X to my buddy and the next
day one of the guys who *wrote* that part of X showed up at my elbow
to see what the problem was.  We could be, mutatis mutandem, at least
that generous.

> ...all the information you would ever need is online....it just
> requires some reading time.

Yeah, well, I dunno.  Maybe Michael is slothful or maybe you just
don't have a clue about how valuable some one-on-one instruction (aka
handholding) can be.  When Richard Feynman wanted to get up to speed
in a discipline different from his own, he prevailed on another,
similarly bright person to do a one-on-one with him.  Of course, all
that he wanted to know was out there in textbooks, monographs and
journals.  It's a safe guess that the OP isn't a Feynman (got yer
Nobel yet, Michael? :-) but we should at least give him a chance to
*prove* he's a clueless AOLer if that is, in fact, his learning level,
before responding to him as if he were.

- Mike

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