[nSLUG] Re: Linux jobs working from home

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Jan 17 17:24:00 AST 2008

>> "Egotistical Lazy No-Good  Team-A**hole wanted.  Prior Management-like
>> abilities a plus. Knowledge-base negotiable" 
>> [snip]
>  Hey, I think I'm qualified for this!
>  Where do you get jobs like that?

You don't.  You first get a job requiring angelic people skills,
demigod technical abilties and superlative mastery of written and
spoken English.  You lie, cheat, obfuscate, suck up and/or blackmail
as needed to accomplish this.

Just before a Ton of S**t falls on you from a Great Height, you have a
nervous breakdown, present a letter from your shrink and take a
medical leave of absence.

Upon your return to the workplace, the ToSfaGH is aborted because
firing you would now be disability discrimination, opening your
employer to a tedious and expensive lawsuit. So they then "promote"
you to that "Egotistical Lazy No-Good Team-A**hole" position and Bob's
yer uncle.

And no, I have never done this.  But I've seen it done, with the
result that, one or two at a time, about a dozen highly skilled,
hard-working employees found other jobs and moved on before the
employer finally noticed and found a way to terminate the nutcase.

- Mike

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