[nSLUG] network over WAN

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Mon Jan 14 15:29:30 AST 2008

Greg O'Brien wrote:
> OpenVPN and Dynamic DNS is more complicated that you want to go. Try
> http://www.hamachi.cc. 1024 bit encryption and creates a true WAN without
> any DNS spoofing and the free basic version allows 16 computers per network.
> I use this in combination with VNC to create secure remote support for my
> clients.
> Greg O'Brien
> Micro Computer Atlantic Limited
> -----Original Message-----
I will pass on that, don't wish to share private data with foreign 
companies, even if they claim it is secure.
To many companies knowingly or otherwise funnel private data like credit 
card usage, medical records to the US government.


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