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On Jan 14, 2008 12:57 PM, J. Paul Bissonnette <jpaulb at eastlink.ca> wrote:

>  Gilbert Rossignol wrote:
> J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:
>  The Central Nova Green Party has an office in New Glasgow and will be
> opening one in Antigonish next month.
> The NG office is running Windows at Present time The Antigonish office
> maybe running Debian if I can get an old box running.
> Where can I get some info on howto setup a secure network between the
> both offices.
> Advice and/or volunteers appreciated.
> Paul
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>  What do you want to do over the network?
> Gilbert
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>    I would like to have all the data file on one box, so both offices have
> the same info at all time. No one including me is an IT grad so it has to be
> simple to setup and maintain. I have never done a project like this, with my
> expertise I can barely keep a local network running.

Hmmm,well, establishing a connection via openVPN (or some other means) is
really only half the battle. All a VPN allows you to do is access network
resources as if you were in the same office. Actually making those resources
available is another matter entirely.

I think a common setup that you'll be able to find a fair amount of
information on is the combination of OpenVPN and a Samba share or two on the
Linux side. The Windows side of the house can then mount that share the same
was as they would mount any old network shared drive over the VPN. No
guarantees of speed, though.

If security really isn't a issue, I don't see any reason why you couldn't
just get Samba running on the internet-connected Linux side and then mount
it into the Windows side over the Internet sans a VPN, but I've never
attempted that.

Jeff beings up a good point that the quickest way to the end for you may be
hardware. There are VPN routers on the market in the sub $200 range (maybe
the sub $100 range, not sure) from Linksys (and probably others) which will
remove all the mussing and fussing about with setting up your own VPN. You
would then only be faced with setting up the shared network resources.

So many options....

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