[nSLUG] Sun Sparc machines for sale

Greg Hamilton greg.hamilton at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 24 19:18:00 AST 2008

Heyya Dan

Did anyone get back to you yet on this?

Whaddya want for it?



On Wednesday February 20 2008 11:06:08 am Daniel MacKay wrote:
> I was gonna put it on eBay but I might as well post here first.
> I have a mighty Sparc ... ummm Ultra 5 I think, the pizza box, with a
> big external case that can hold four SCSI drives.
> I used it as a backup server (that is, all my systems did nightly
> backups to its disk array) for many years but last month I switched
> to using a "Blueberry" iMac.
> It's got SunOS on the internal hard disk, boots and runs like a
> charm.   I think there's about 150G in the disk tower on three disks
> - could be less.
> --
> Daniel MacKay
> Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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