[nSLUG] Sun Sparc machines for sale

Baha Baydar bbaydar at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 10:51:55 AST 2008

Hey Folks,

I have a collection of old Sun Sparc machines sitting around the
apartment. Before I tossed some ads up on kijiji/ebay I figured I'd
ask if anyone on here wanted any of them.

I've got 2 Sparc 20's both dual CPU, I think one is a 75mhz, the other
is a 125mhz.
There are also 2 Ultra 2's. Both are 64bit dual CPUs One is 300mhz,
the other is 450 I believe.
I've also got an Ultra 1, and a IPX/SLC.

I don't recall the specific memory or HD configs on any of them, and I
may even be wrong about the CPU speeds. They've been sitting in one
closet or another for the past couple of years so I'm not sure what
state they're in.

I had gentoo on the SS20's and Solaris 8 or 9 on the Ultra's. It
shouldn't be too much work to install the OS of your choice on them.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll see about digging them
out and resurrecting them.

Baha Baydar                      http://www.hyperion.org
bbaydar at gmail.com           http://www.aztekrally.org

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