[nSLUG] sudden shutdowns

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Feb 11 12:40:46 AST 2008

Good point - My old motherboard had a similar problem where the ground 
for the front ports wasn't that great.
The metal on some usb adapters caused a short that would jolt the 
system.  So much I disconnected the front ports.
The new motherboard does not have that problem.


Bill Davidson wrote:
> Hi:
> You say the system shuts down as soon as you plug in a usb flash drive.
> Does it always shut down when you plug in that usb device?  What about
> other usb devices?  Have you ever plugged usb devices into that usb port
> before?  Does the computer shut down f you don't plug in the flash
> drive?
> The reason I ask is that I once came across a system (not a homebrew but
> one somebody had bought pre-assembled) where the front-panel usb ports
> were connected backwards.  The typical motherboard usb header has pins
> that go +5V,D+,D-,Gnd.  If you plug in the cable backwards you can
> connect +5V to ground creating a dead short.  On the one I saw the usb
> driver chip was rather warm (i.e., burn your finger if you touched it).
> 86F is not hot for a cpu temp, so I doubt that is the problem.  Power
> supply is always possible, but again, if the shutdowns only happen when
> you plug in a usb drive, then I would say that rules out the power
> supply and points to a problem with the usb device or the usb port.

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