[nSLUG] Slack upgrade (Was: Card Reader)

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Feb 11 02:36:15 AST 2008

Daniel Morrison wrote:
> can easily change (or turn off) those settings in Gnomes "removable
>> drives & media preferences"......there are times when I don't want the
> If they're so easy to change, why not make them "off" by default, and let
> people turn them on if they desire?  (Note: people who never learn enough
> to turn these features "on" don't understand enough to be able to use the
> system safely when they're "on").
> Really, it would be better not to create these features at all, and
> instead devote the time and effort into making it easy for users to access
> devices at the filesystem level.  If they choose to double click on
> something, and there's an associated application, that's OK.
You hit the nail on the head.  I remember telling Pat I liked his 
decision to go with XFCE,
that it reminded me of the early days of Gnome - the main reason I used 
it. He said exactly.
He told me he was frustrated with the Gnome group because there is a lot 
of infighting
about making Gnome more Windows-like and dumbing down the menu system.
Some want it, some don't.  They even offered basic, intermediate, and 
advanced menus.
It was shot down because what happens if a newbie gets into the Advanced 
Menus and cannot figure
out how to go back to Basic Menus. 

At that point I would hand them a gun to go out back. :P

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