[nSLUG] Slack upgrade (Was: Card Reader)

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Mon Feb 11 02:20:36 AST 2008

Mike Spencer wrote:
> Rich wrote:
>> A lot has changed in 2.6, the hotplug device has been replaced with 
>> Hal/udev and seems to work much better with recent releases.
> HAL? udev? ...
> A quick google shows a lot of people having problems with udev
> ca. 2003-2006.  Is that all in the past?  Are we all happy with the
> new tech now?
> It does seem like a Good Thing to have pluggable devices "just work".
> E.g., I spent quite a lot of time with assorted SCSI cards, hacking
> and tweaking to get only one of two flatbed scanners to work and I'm
> still messing with a browser-based control  interface for a security
> cam.
Its not that bad - you can disable its function in the GUI or just have 
certain devices popup.
Also, you can have it run the app you want.   I find it very useful for 
card readers, when I insert
the card, an icon appears on the desktop - I can then mount it and copy 
the files then unmount it.
Same occurs for CD and DVD drives - you can have it run Xine when you 
put a DVD in the drive, or not.

> OTOH, Robert Love writes, in an article at
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7745:
>     When the user inserted an audio CD, GNOME Volume Manager would
>     play it. When the user inserted a USB keychain device, GNOME
>     Volume Manager would mount it and open a Nautilus window. When the
>     user plugged in a camera, GNOME Volume Manager would ask if it
>     should automatically import the photos into the user's photo
>     management application...
There is a lot more control over the events. 

> Gak!  That's Windoes!  Insert a cd and it automatically finds an
> executable and runs it, too?  The whole layer of "automatically doing
> what the (putatively) typical user wants" behind the curtain [1] is
> anathema.  I'll never be a kernel hacker or competent to modify code
> in, say, the Gimp but neither, in many cases, do I want stuff to
> happen automatically.
:) you have a choice to disable all.

> For sure, I'll do my first 2.6 installation on a spare box to see just
> what I'm to be blindsided with.
>> Could be the hotplug daemon that is causing you [keyboard timing]
>> delays.
> Yeah, maybe, or the driver.  I vaguely recall something, in one of the
> docs I groveled through, that make me think the usb-storage protocol
> involves very frequent polling of some kind.
hotplug had some issues I used to hate it and disabled it.
but udev seems to have fixed a lot of that.  The articles you were 
reading were the
early days of udev.  Check out some newer ones as its very stable and 
works quite
nice these days. 

>> What version of CUPS and gutenprint (aka gimp-print) are you using?
>> Gutenprint is the new name and 5.11 is working really nice - solved
>> some issues with graphics on the HP.
> >From the Slack 10.1 manifest:    gimp-print-4.2.7 
> I rarely use the laser printer but when I do, it's an important letter
> or a (typically longish) document or manual.  [2] Brother HL-641 works
> fine but I couldn't find any way after RTFM and googling, to get CUPS
> to talk to it meaningfully.  LPRNG works great, allows me to pipe data
> through any one of several virtual lp devices -- filters -- depending
> on the data and plugs into my wireless router so I can print from any
> of 6 machines.
The latest version of Cups and HP lib work really well.
I see even Epson is starting to write Linux drivers now. Amazing... only 
took them a few years.
I guess they were losing some mkt share to Linux users buying HP. hehe

> As an aside, if I can't google anything useful about some new
> technology, I assume that will change in a month or two.  When it's
> about something really old -- e.g Brother HL-641 -- I assume the
> contrary, that likely there never will be anything more done on the
> topic.  I got a real boot out of /etc/termcap circa 1990.  There were
> entries for incredibly old and arcane terminals.  I contributed an
> Osborne I entry :-) as I was using an Osborne to log into a Unix host
> and run Emacs.
> - Mike
> [1] Or worse, with the hood welded shut.  I'll just have to see, when
>     the time comes, if I can benefit from improved hardware handling
>     while disabling Windoes-like behavior.
>     In a follow-up to Love's article, Dave North (allegedly) wrote:
>         Second, it's good to remember to give people an easy way to
>         turn off automagic.... One thing that drives me nuts is my
>         clumsy inability to find a way to get [my Mac] to not start the
>         local photo import/viewing program if I plug my camera in. I
>         have much better stuff (some of it written by my wife) that I
>         prefer to use, just addressing the camera as a disk. But I
>         have to wait through iPhoto first! Annoying.  
>         [snip] 
>         ...don't forget the "get out of jail free" key.
I know Iphoto kind of sucks making all those thumbnails.
I just mount the share as drive, copy the files to a place on the hard 
drive, then open gqview to look thru and then edit in gimp.
gqview has some remote commands that you can customize the right click - 
I set up one to extract thumbnail from a photo, another to convert to 1024,
and then to edit in gimp.

> [2] I actually own a [gasp] working manual typewriter for doing
>     official forms and the like.  But I have to get my wife to weave
>     the ribbons and I make the ink from oak galls, gum arabic and
>     melted pop bottles.
:) wow they still sell ribbons for them?  I havent used one of those 
since I was in high school. hehe

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