[nSLUG] Slack upgrade (Was: Card Reader)

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 00:35:20 AST 2008

On 10/02/2008, Eugene Cormier <eugene.cormier at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Mike, I won't get into the "should we want Linux to gain desktop
> marketshare?" discussion

But oops, you seem to have brought it up anyway!

> but for more people to use it we need to make things simple for those
> who down want to hand edit fstab to access a usb drive....

There's a huge difference between a helper app that might offer to edit
the fstab (or do whatever is appropriate for the user to easily access the
device), and a system which, by default, processes the data contained in
the device _automatically_ without user intervention.  The latter is what
you advocate:

> honestly, I like inserting a blank cd and having the operating
> system identify it and bring up my preferred burning program....and you

> can easily change (or turn off) those settings in Gnomes "removable
> drives & media preferences"......there are times when I don't want the

If they're so easy to change, why not make them "off" by default, and let
people turn them on if they desire?  (Note: people who never learn enough
to turn these features "on" don't understand enough to be able to use the
system safely when they're "on").

Really, it would be better not to create these features at all, and
instead devote the time and effort into making it easy for users to access
devices at the filesystem level.  If they choose to double click on
something, and there's an associated application, that's OK.


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