[nSLUG] Slack upgrade (Was: Card Reader)

Eugene Cormier eugene.cormier at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 23:52:04 AST 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 23:32 -0400, Mike Spencer wrote:
> OTOH, Robert Love writes, in an article at
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7745:
>     When the user inserted an audio CD, GNOME Volume Manager would
>     play it. When the user inserted a USB keychain device, GNOME
>     Volume Manager would mount it and open a Nautilus window. When the
>     user plugged in a camera, GNOME Volume Manager would ask if it
>     should automatically import the photos into the user's photo
>     management application...
> Gak!  That's Windoes!  Insert a cd and it automatically finds an
> executable and runs it, too?  The whole layer of "automatically doing
> what the (putatively) typical user wants" behind the curtain [1] is
> anathema.  I'll never be a kernel hacker or competent to modify code
> in, say, the Gimp but neither, in many cases, do I want stuff to
> happen automatically.

Hey Mike, I won't get into the "should we want Linux to gain desktop
marketshare?" discussion, but for more people to use it we need to make
things simple for those who down want to hand edit fstab to access a usb
drive.... honestly, I like inserting a blank cd and having the operating
system identify it and bring up my preferred burning program....and you
can easily change (or turn off) those settings in Gnomes "removable
drives & media preferences"......there are times when I don't want the
"default" settings, but on the other hand, if I didn't want to download
photos to my computer, I wouldn't have plugged my camera into the

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