[nSLUG] Slack upgrade (Was: Card Reader)

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 23:49:03 AST 2008

On 10/02/2008, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:


I confess I haven't read this thread closely, but as a devoted Slackware
user, I just have to jump in.

Mike Spencer wrote:
> HAL? udev? ...
> A quick google shows a lot of people having problems with udev
> ca. 2003-2006.  Is that all in the past?  Are we all happy with the
> new tech now?

I was very suspicious, and figured I'd have to learn the thing inside out
just to make it work.  I'm still concerned, but I've found, having
upgraded most of my machines to 12.0, that everything pretty much still
works the way I'm used to.  USB memory sticks still work most of the time.
And so on.

> OTOH, Robert Love writes, in an article at
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7745:
>     When the user inserted an audio CD, GNOME Volume Manager would
>     play it. When the user inserted a USB keychain device, GNOME
>     Volume Manager would mount it and open a Nautilus window. When the
>     user plugged in a camera, GNOME Volume Manager would ask if it
>     should automatically import the photos into the user's photo
>     management application...
> Gak!  That's Windoes!  Insert a cd and it automatically finds an
> executable and runs it, too?  The whole layer of "automatically doing
> what the (putatively) typical user wants" behind the curtain [1] is
> anathema.

1) I agree with you.  It's a terrible mistake.
2) Note he's talking about GNOME.  I have been using fvwm with my
slackware machines since... forever.  I have my own fvwm config, but I'm
sure even with the default that it does nothing for you automatically.
That's a disease only GNOME & KDE have caught; they've been infected by

> For sure, I'll do my first 2.6 installation on a spare box to see just
> what I'm to be blindsided with.

Kernel 2.6 and Slackware 12.0 really aren't anything to worry about, at
least not in this topic.  (Read the upgrade notes; they're important for
12.)  The horrible behaviour is entirely in userspace, when you run an
"interactive desktop".  Stick with (insert favourite classic window
manager here) and you'll be just fine.


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