[nSLUG] Slack upgrade (Was: Card Reader)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sun Feb 10 17:59:41 AST 2008

me> ...upgrade from Slack 10.1 to 12 (RSN) I'll go with a 2.6 kernel.

Rich> When you upgrade, best to rename the current dirs and start
Rich> fresh.  I took the long approach and took me a day to cleanup
Rich> old crap.

I've only upgraded twice: From my first install of Caldera (kernel 2.2)
to Slack 8 and from Slack 8 to Slack 10.1.  Both amounted to a
re-install.  In the case of Slack 8->10, PJV provided suitable scripts
for the 8->9 and 9->10 transitions but, because of filename changes
for the package tarballs, the 9->10 scripts didn't work for 8->10.  Ho

It would be nice to just type a command to upgrade because on a new
install,  I have a couple of pages of notes on all the little things
that I change to customize a system: Emacs 20 instead of newer ver,
LPRNG because CUPS doesn't support my laser printer, sendmail tweaks,
install libc5 for Maple etc.  On a new install, all that has to be
done manually against a checklist and tested.

Rich> 12.0 also switches over to newer version of gcc which required
Rich> me to recompile a few apps...

Um, I don't get that.  What does the installed version of gcc have to
do with an app that is *already compiled*?  Could gloss that, please?
I occasionally see some mention of a package that won't compile
correctly with the most recent version of gcc but that's a different

New versions of the libs, OTOH, might require a recompile, although I
have a few apps (e.g. Maple V) that have very old libs hard-compiled
in and I just installed the old libs and dicked around with pointers
in the lib dirs.

me> The only problem was that keyboard rate (normally set by kbdrate
me> -d 250 -r 24) seemed to slow way down while the device was up.

Rich> Oh I remember that in 2.4, are you running preemptive mode?

I have no idea.  I think I recall seeing some stuff about a bunfight
amongst the Linux kernel hackers over the scheduling algorithm but I
don't really grok all that.

> Which window mgr are you running?

twm.  Yeah, I know it's been explicitly deprecated here on NSLUG as
well as elsewhere.  "Trailing edge", y'know? :-)  I'm always keen on
simplicity and the Unix doctrine of separate, simple tools for each
purpose. (My pocket knife has a single blade, QED. :-) But I have
several big chests of other, metaphorically single-bladed tools for
other purposes.)  

So far (AFAIK) I haven't hit anything where twm fails.  Are you
suggesting that the keyboard speed glitch might be caused by a
conflict between the twm and usb-storage.o?

- Mike

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