[nSLUG] Re Card Reader

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sun Feb 10 14:28:49 AST 2008

William Marchant wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I bought a 4GB card for my camera, and discovered that the card reader
> in my laptop would not read it.  However, the card came with a usb
> adapter.  The card works fine with the adapter.
> 	The answer is that the computer's card slot is SDMS, and the card that
> came with the camera is also.  The new card is SDHC. SDMS slots cant
> touch it, hence the usb adapter.

Yup, buy only card readers after Jan 2007, I think that was the date for 
SDHC spec.
Watch what readers you buy and that they state SDHC. 

Good news, I sent it into the kernel bug watch and its labeled as a bug 
for the ub driver.
They are working on a patch as we speak. :)  woohoo my first bug report.


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