[nSLUG] Card Reader

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sat Feb 9 21:23:52 AST 2008

Mike Spencer wrote:
> me> "Still"?  I dunno. I'm using a 2.4 kernel and the drive mounts as
> me> /dev/sda1...
> Rich> Yup, they changed all that in 2.6.x so now all usb devices are
> Rich> now /dev/ubX
> Ah, well, thanks.  A little snippet to keep in mind for the future.
> I'm a trailing-edge-of-technology kind of guy but I suppose when I
> upgrade from Slack 10.1 to 12 (RSN) I'll go with a 2.6 kernel.
No problem there.  I waited a while before going to 11.0, lots of 
critical changes there
to system daemons and such.  Same with the jump to 12.0.  You might as 
well wait
for 12.1 (current working version which I run), requires 2.6.22.x and 
above due to more
backend changes. 

When  you upgrade, best to rename the current dirs and start fresh.
I took the long approach and took me a day to cleanup old crap.
12.0 also switches over to newer version of gcc which required me to 
a few apps (not many, about 5 or 6).

At least Nvidia fixed a bug they had - remember to get latest driver if 
you own
a GeForce card when going to 12.x.  The pre-0.600 versions won't run (if 
I recall the version history).
Gimp 2.4.2 is awesome.  Also XFCE 4.4 runs very nice. 

I also had to bite the bullet and redo my .config file to compile the 
(took me about an hour, or so to go thru all the menus per option).  
Thinks have changed
since 2.6.9.x, so you want to use the basic config from them (located in 
boot) as a starter,
then enable/disable the options you don't want.

There is one key option that made a world of difference.  If you have 
1GB, enable the large memory
management.  My system's speed and response doubled (it feels like it 
too!).  The memory management
is MUCH better, as I noticed the system rarely uses swap now.  Thats 
amazing, because prior to that,
swap was always being used (usually by idle apps).  I noticed an 
increase of workable memory,
it used to show something like 880MB, now its 1GB.   That little boost 
made the system fly.
No more swapping. :)  

I have also started to run Firefox 3 betas -  this is the resource hog.
The nightly releases, version 3.0b4pre seems to be the best one yet!
The memory usage has dropped considerably and I noticed its no longer 
hanging on to resources,
if it crashes or if you close it out.  It's finally cleaning up after 
itself!  :)

> I'm reminded of a trip to NYC I made on a 305 Honda Hawk. (Yes, long
> ago) For a while I slipstreamed behind a 40 foot trailer rig.
> Unbelievably nice ride until I thought of what would happen if the
> trucker hit the binders hard or skimmed over a $LARGE_OBJECT, leaving
> me ca. 100 ms to avoid instant death.  I don't suppose that aspect of
> the metaphor applies to desktop technology. :-)  In fact, it might be
> just the opposite: if latest-gizmo, otaku hi-tech has some kind of
> train wreck, I should miss it altogether.

hehe... I've seen my wife do that.  Shed only do for a bit, then I'd 
explain that scenerio,
and she'd back off.  Sure does save on gas :P

Driving in NYC is fun, just remember to never look back, drive like you 
own where you
want to go, think it's a rental, and then you can pretty much handle 
downtown traffic,
and watch for pedestrians, they have the same attitudes as the cars do, 
but don't have
steel for skin. :)

> me> The only problem was that keyboard rate (normally set by kbdrate
> me> -d 250 -r 24) seemed to slow way down while the device was up.
> Rich> I noticed that too. hmm.. may need to investigate that.
> If you do and can remember, post your findings here or send me private
> email.  TIA.
Oh I remember that in 2.4, are you running preemptive mode (it was not 
the greatest in 2.4)? 
Which window mgr are you running?


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