[nSLUG] Belated intro

Andre andre.r.godin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 20:32:20 AST 2008

Hello all

I`ve been subscribed to this mailing list for quite a while but have
never really gotten involved in any of the discussions or even
introduced myself here.. which I`d like to fix..

The name's Andre, and I`ve been a Linux.open source fanatic for quite
a while. I live in Sackville, and currently work as a programmer with
the government (Public Works and Government Services Canada). My main
interest in computers has always been programming.. I`m mainly a C++,
Perl, and lately (read: last few years) Java guy.

Linux wise I started with Slackware (7 something).. worked my way to
Gentoo.. and have recently found myself using Debian. I find myself
doing less software hacking/debugging and seem to be migrating towards
distro's that just work out of the box. Not really sure if this is a
good thing or a bad thing..

Setup wise I just built a 3.5 Tb file server, and am building a nice 6
monitor/quad core desktop in about a week.

Hobby wise (besides programming) .. I have an interest in wood working
and digital electronics (which I don`t know a whole lot about.. but I
have an _interest_ in them at least).

Beer wise I`m all about the Keith's..

Well, thats about all I can think of.. I hope to get involved with
some of the discussions here.. rather than just kind of idling.


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