[nSLUG] Frequent hang ups

Vikram Chhatre crypticlineage at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 20:20:55 AST 2008

> I am not certain that the power supply looks bad, all the capacitors  
> in your photo's appear to be intack.  The brown goop inside your power  
> supply looks more like a glue to help stabilize all the components.   
> Especially since it is also covering the inductors.  http://forums.legitreviews.com/about8078.html 
>    Bad capacitors tend to look a little puffed out at the top with a  
> brown crusty looking substance dried on to top of them. (http://www.jebswebsite.com/misc_pics/ibm_mobo_capacitors.jpg 
> ).
Really?  I didn't even think about that.  But yeah, none of the caps 
have blown their tops.  And for that much goop to exude from caps, the 
PSU should have smelled bad too, no?  You're probably right.  The PSU is 
not bad.  But just to make sure, I will check with my multimeter.  Is 
there a website that explains what colors represent what terminals 
inside a computer?

I will let you know if the problem comes back.  If it does, and the 
voltage outputs are all right, I will replace the video card and then 
take it from there.


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