[nSLUG] Eastlink cable modem access

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sat Feb 2 10:57:20 AST 2008

What cable modem model are you using?  
Is it Motorola Surfboard SB5101 ?

If not, time to call Eastlink support.
They will set you up with a new modem.

Everything you are explaining, I went through a few months ago.
My connection speed was getting slower than if I were connected at 2400 
baud, and this was cable.
I was running checks on all my wiring and other hardware.
I think 10.x is the internal address the modem defaults to when the 
external interface is not active.
Disconnect from Eastlink and reset the modem to see what the factory 
default is.

My old one was working sporadically, kept dropping every once in a while.
After showing them logs of the drops, and having them trace the account 
for a week or two.
One of the young Einstein's asked - "What modem are you using?"

Thats when I found out about the "Fix when it breaks" replacement policy.
My response, it would of been nice to know that if we see any issues to 
contact them. duh!
Instead they would rather get their name tarnished for poor performance.
Go figure.


Mark Lane wrote:
> I quickly glanced over this thread and I think the problem is outside 
> your house. It appears that when asking for an IP address that 
> sometimes the router is going to a 10.6.x.x address instead of 
> 24.x.x.x address that Eastlink uses.
> It have seen this with services that require a login before giving out 
> a public IP like Bell Sympatico but most cable companies don't do 
> this. That suggests that your router is getting a response from an 
> alternate DHCP server than Eastlink's.
> Either someone has set up a system or device incorrectly, maliciously 
> or it's some internet worm running on a hacked Windows box. I expect 
> you could hack a Windows Box if you gave it false network addresses 
> fairly easily.
> From what I know of cable networks, everyone in a given area is on 
> same share network segment basically. So you maybe able to get a MAC 
> address for the box and provide that information to Eastlink so they 
> can investigate it. Though they should be able to trace it by the DHCP 
> responses themselves.
> For you solution, you could just change the network mask from 
> <> to one that only responses to 
> 24.x.x.x. I will let you google how to determine the network mask.
> On Feb 1, 2008 10:48 AM, Gerald <linux at zdoit.airpost.net 
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>     Greg Hamilton wrote:
>     . . . .
>     > If you're worried about DNS, run named in cache mode and point
>     it at whatever
>     > DNS server you want. resolv.conf can then point to
>     <> and you should
>     > be well.
>     >
>     > Best regards,
>     >
>     > Greg
>     Greg,
>     That's a good idea. Thanks
>     --
>     Gerald
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