[nSLUG] hp external dvd burner

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Thu Dec 25 14:59:01 AST 2008

rejean chamberland wrote:
> Thanks Rich for all your research. I'll look into it but as you or 
> someone else will probably get an internal drive instead ( maybe a 
> dual layer ). What about using another adapter. I have a good half a 
> dozen of them hanging around?
> And happy holyday season to you too.

Using a universal or another adapter may be a little difficult unless 
you can match the specs identically.

12V/ 2.5A/ 30W  and the correct connector size and polarity (if the tip 
is positive or negative).

Using the wrong one could fry the unit.  :)  The smell of circuits 
smoking on a cold day.. hehe
Funny how the smell of popped capacitors can stick with you all these 
years.  Its a very unique smell.  :)

I'm not sure  how handy you are with a soldering iron and such, there 
are a few options you can try.

Disassemble the adapter, and desolder the  proprietary  power adapter 
(the 3 prong  plug).
Then pickup an AC D-shaped power connector from an old power supply or 
from an electronic store (think there is one in Burnside).
Then you can just use a standard 3-prong computer AC plug.

Or hard wire the plug to the adapter, removing the connector, and 
soldering the correct wires from the cord.

But for all that work, $10 for a cord may not be worth it.  I'd call 
some HP vendors around the area, they may even sell
replacements for about the same price.

Take care

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