[nSLUG] hp external dvd burner

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 14:46:12 AST 2008

2008/12/24 rejean chamberland <laudire2you at yahoo.ca>:
> Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Here is a blurry picture of the chord
> that I have  and you can see that it is definitely not a standard power
> chord.
> http://img530.imageshack.us/my.php?image=chordas5.jpg

OK, so it's not a PC power cord, and it's not a small appliance cord
either.  You'll definitely need to bring the adapter into the store
with you to check the fit.

Here's a matching picture I found with google images:


BTW, it's a CORD -- a CHORD is either a collection of musical notes,
or some kind of intersection of a circle.

> 1. I meant to move an internal DVD burner from my Linux machine into my
> wifes's ( Penthium III, 1 Ghz, 700 Mb of RAM ) running Win XP and use the
> external drive on my own machine. I tried it this morning ( as I had
> forgotten that I had done so last year ) but her computer tells me that the
> hard drive failed no matter if I put the DVD drive in as a primary slave or
> a secondary drive or if I put it on the other ribbon. I cannot have 2 hard
> drives either. The only thing that works is one hd and a cd burner.  Why?

That's a very difficult question... the most likely is that something
is misconfigured. My suggestions would include:
- before making any changes, note down what the current setup is... so
that you can always go back!
- if using (older) 40-conductor IDE cabling, check that the hard drive
is jumpered as 'master'
- if using (newer) 80-conductor IDE cabling, check that the hard drive
is jumpered either as 'master' or as 'cable select', and ensure it is
connected to the end (black) IDE connector. Blue goes in the
- Ensure the DVD drive is jumpered as slave, or if using an
80-conductor cable, either slave, or cable select, and using the
middle (gray) IDE connector.  When connected to the same ribbon as the
hard drive, be consistent, and jumper them either  as 'master/slave',
or both as 'cable select'.
- Try the DVD drive all by itself.  Obviously the computer won't boot
(although you could try a CDROM-based Linux distro!) but it should
recognize the DVD drive.  If it doesn't work, then perhaps this
computer is just incompatible with this drive.
- ensure your computer's CMOS settings are in a reasonably standard
state (both IDE controllers enabled, and 'auto' device types).  If in
doubt, reset CMOS to 'setup defaults' or similar. You might also check
for BIOS updates for this motherboard.
- if using 40-conductor IDE cabling, upgrade to 80-conductor.
- change the IDE cabling in any case. Sometimes a bad ribbon cable can
produce unexpected results.

That's all I can think of for the moment...


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