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rejean chamberland laudire2you at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 24 14:07:29 AST 2008

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Here is a blurry picture of the chord that I have  and you can see that it is definitely not a standard power chord.


When I go to Sydney I'll take it with me. Thanks George for all the info about the drive itself.
Now if I may I have a few more questions;
1. I meant to move an internal DVD burner from my Linux machine into my  wifes's ( Penthium III, 1 Ghz, 700 Mb of RAM ) running Win XP and use the external drive on my own machine. I tried it this morning ( as I had forgotten that I had done so last year ) but her computer tells me that the hard drive failed no matter if I put the DVD drive in as a primary slave or a secondary drive or if I put it on the other ribbon. I cannot have 2 hard drives either. The only thing that works is one hd and a cd burner.  Why?
Thanks in advance.

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Retraction from last. :)

Closer inspection of the docs, the wire resembles the AC wire adapter
common for radios, and other smaller electronics.

Can be picked up at Radio Shack or The Source for $5.

As long as you have the main adapter - take it with you to the store.

There are only a few types they use, and The Source would most likely
carry the replacement.


Rich wrote:

  Daniel Morrison wrote:
    Don't know about you, but to my eye the manual shows NOT a standard
computer power cord,
  The power adapter shown has two parts,  the thinner wire, smaller 
connector (from the DVD) to the adapter box,
which has the standard 3 prong D-bin male connector, just like a 
monitor, computer, that plugs into the wall. Much
like many laptop power adapters.

[DVD] o------------[ Adapter ]  D-----------------O=   [outlet]
                     (wire 1)                         (wire 2)

Rejean,   do you have the first part (wire 1) of the power adapter?


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