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On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 7:38 PM, rejean chamberland
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> Hi everyone!
> Someone gave me a hp dvd writer dvd630e ( external  drive ) several months
> ago. I told her that I didn't have time then but that I would eventually see
> if I could make it work.
> I didn't noticed it at the time but it came with the usb cable and the AC
> adaptor that connect into the drive but the chord going from the wall to the
> adaptor is missing.
> The drivers are missing but I can get them online unless I don't need them
> running Linux. . Since the dvd drive looks in such a good shape it would be
> sad not to be able to use it.
> Could someone tell me how I should go about trying to get the missing chord?
> It has 2 male ends and the one connecting to the adaptor as 3 prongs (?) in
> the kind of a heart shape. I could send a picture if someone need it.
> Thanks in advance and have a nice holiday season everyone.

That cord should be in the junk bin of any small appliance repair shop
that has been around a while.   Shops need them because customers
bring in units for repair without a working cord (and, often, the problem
is a bad cord), but they have a spare they might sell it cheap or lend for
testing, and could even order one for you.

My experience with early DVD writers has been that they don't last
(check the original warranty -- even for HP it was probably one year)
and are fussy about the media (even for reading).    They run hot
and the heads are heavy, so if used extensively for reading CD's they
wear out quickly.  The drive is probably a standard IDE drive and should
work if placed into a desktop with ample cooling, so you may not
need a cord to determine if the basic unit is OK, but given the low
likelihood that the drive will be useful, and the low prices of current drives,
I wouldn't put much energy into the thing.

A drive that has been sitting for an extended period may suffer from
congealed grease, so if it doesn't work (try reading a very full CD or
DVD first) you should open the case and look for a greasy slider.
Clean off the old grease and replace with new (if the original owner
had a dog -- remove dog hairs wrapped around moving parts).

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