[nSLUG] Free Goods

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Tue Dec 16 19:37:41 AST 2008

Holiday Greetings;

Free goods again

I have an AT motherboard that takes ATX power supply or AT power supply.  
Complete with QDI-Legend VGA video card, 
Motherboard is BX6AV2  Rev:C1 with VIA chipset
Processor is 400 MHZ socket 370 in a slot 1 adapter card.Has at least 
64MB ram on board
Includes the audio card and
the network card.  Card is an SMC brand digital chip set PCI.  Lilkely 
only 10mb.

First call or e-mail gets it.

Keyboard socket is the AT size not PS2

Jim Haliburton

James A. Haliburton
On-Site Computer Services of Halifax
Suite 100, 25 Walton Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada     B3N 1X6
Office/ Cell           : (902)499-5250
Home/After Hours : (902)477-8342
e-mail      : jim at on-site.ns.ca

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