[nSLUG] The tide turned in Armdale Cove...

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Sat Aug 30 03:36:45 ADT 2008

D G Teed wrote:
> I think it is great to use Linux and open source software
> whenever possible.  However I have things to plug in
> and a couple of games I play on Windows.
> Here are the things I use on Windows with no
> decent Linux equivalent:
> * Palm sync
Kpilot, gnome-pilot, j-pilot  - I remember a few guys at work had no 
issues syncing with Linux, I don't have one so I can't really say from 
my experience.
> * Creative audio software + jacks and intuitive control over them

> * Playlister for wimpy (a flash audio player)
I really like Amarok, the random playlist saves on memory when you have 
a bunch of songs, it plays radio and others, no video though.
Do you need sound editing?
> * Nero wave editor
Audacity  for wave editing
> * Nikon transfer (the camera connects as a USB drive,
> but software handles organization and backup of the
> camera's files without me doing the work)
Nikon xfer, I just mostly mount either as camera or usb storage, usb2 is 
much fast, motherboard USB's have issue with lockups, might be older 1.0 USB
      I tried a few photo managers, not really into yet. :)  
     Trying Picasa now, F-Spot, Photo Organizer (haven't tried yet)
  NoiseNinja has a linux version that runs great via wine
> * Vendor software for photo printing (HP, Canon, Nikon, Fuji)
I have HP and the latest HP Printer Lib and the 5.11 version of 
gutenprint (a.k.a gnome-print) really works nice.
I havent setup the Epson photo printer yet, just got the Epson linux 
drivers so I'll be trying that soon.

> * Garmin Mapsource
QLandkarte seems to support a lot of devices

> * A Canon scanner
XSane, but not sure about Canon -  I have a UMAX SCSI that works great.
> * digital video transfer and DVD creation from Nero
> * DVD shrink
There are a few, I think K3B now has Label making.
DVD storage creation - K3B is the best.
Movies you need some command line tools, but there is a wrapper app, 
slips my mind at the moment,
that ties all the command line tools together.  Creating from cmd line 
is actually very easy,
mostly edit a small text file, and a simple script creates movie dvd's 
and you can make your own menus,
which is pretty fun.  Great for small movies and you can do different 
designs and such.

> * Cubase and Music Maker
Not sure, a quick search Rosegarden and Ardour2

> * Dreamweaver
Probably Bluefish or Eclipse, maybe under wine
> * Quicktax
There are online sites that cost $20/file - takes about 15 minutes to file.
Next year, I'm not even bothering with the paperwork - go online and 
answer questions,
then you get pdf's of all your forms.  Well worth it.   Some sites offer 
> * iTunes
Banshee possibly

> I know there are equivalents for many of the above,
> but I have probably looked at them or tried them and either
> didn't have the time to wrangle with it (Jack+Ardour)
> or the Windows solution was so easy why bother
> doing it with a series of Linux applications (DVD shrink).

Have fun


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