[nSLUG] The tide turned in Armdale Cove...

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 02:00:34 ADT 2008

I think it is great to use Linux and open source software
whenever possible.  However I have things to plug in
and a couple of games I play on Windows.

Here are the things I use on Windows with no
decent Linux equivalent:

* Palm sync
* Creative audio software + jacks and intuitive control over them
* Playlister for wimpy (a flash audio player)
* Nero wave editor
* Nikon transfer (the camera connects as a USB drive,
but software handles organization and backup of the
camera's files without me doing the work)
* Vendor software for photo printing (HP, Canon, Nikon, Fuji)
* Garmin Mapsource
* A Canon scanner
* digital video transfer and DVD creation from Nero
* DVD shrink
* Cubase and Music Maker
* Dreamweaver
* Quicktax
* iTunes

I know there are equivalents for many of the above,
but I have probably looked at them or tried them and either
didn't have the time to wrangle with it (Jack+Ardour)
or the Windows solution was so easy why bother
doing it with a series of Linux applications (DVD shrink).

The list of things I do in Linux is probably longer, but in my opinion
there is versatility in a blend of a couple of OS and an
assortment of tools.  There is also time to be gained
in not tinkering to get something working, something
that happens as well with Windows apps, but I just try
to avoid the obstacles more these days in favour
of having family time.

That being said, I still can't swallow the idea of buying
Vista.  The security issues of Win XP are going to cause
it to dissolve once MS stops maintaining it.

I realize I'm not being a very good Linux advocate, but that's
the truth of where I find I land.  I also eat junk food and
get frustrated with the new garbage rules.  The fruit
flies and ants don't mind though.

I expect people will pick away at my list to suggest alternatives,
and that is great.  Maybe time to try something I have not heard
of, or someone else will benefit from bringing this up.


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