[nSLUG] The tide turned in Armdale Cove...

Aaron Spanik a.spanik at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 28 18:50:04 ADT 2008

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008 18:39:14 -0300
"Daniel Morrison" <draker at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2008/8/28 Ian Campbell <ian at slu.ms>:
> > ian at shadow:~$ date -d @1219939674
> > Thu Aug 28 13:07:54 ADT 2008
> > I doubt that's particularly portable though. It doesn't work on FreeBSD.
> Cool -- how did you learn that?  It's not in _my_ man page... !

It's not in "man date", but it's in "info date" under "Date input
formats::" then "Seconds since the epoch::".  This documentation
suggests that it's standard in the GNU Coreutils package, which may or
may not match what you see under the *BSD family and almost certainly
not under commercial Unix excepting if the GNU utilities have been


Aaron Spanik
a.spanik at ns.sympatico.ca

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