[nSLUG] The tide turned in Armdale Cove...

Daryl 7thson.clone at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 11:45:07 ADT 2008

David Potter wrote:
> Sailors will know that within this province, from harbour to harbour 
> and cove to cove the time of low tide varies - sometimes significantly 
> from other parts of the province.
> For over 10 years I've had a linux box under my desk performing 
> various server and other specific tasks, and a Windoze box that I 
> 'needed' for one reason or another on my desktop.
> Over the weekend I installed Ubuntu 8.04.1 to replace Fedors C6 on the 
> server, and last night after using Ubuntu for a couple of days I moved 
> Ubunto  to my desktop and the Windoze box went _under_ the desk. This 
> is exciting! (for me... ;-)
> David
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Ubuntu :) I've been using Ubuntu since 
version 6.06 and it just keeps getting better and better with each 
release, can't wait to see what 8.10 has in store for us

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