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Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Aug 27 16:23:26 ADT 2008

JPB quoth:

> Welcome to the great white north

That is, of course, the official welcome, for export to other
potential immigrants.  Welcome, Dan, to our (often) balmy, (too often)
foggy shores of exuberant birds and wildflowers where a lot of
interesting (sometimes strange) people live in nooks, crannies and
backwaters and my tomatoes are just getting ripe.

There, fixed that.  :-)

Jon wrote:

> I also found it odd that there is only one LUG in the whole province
> rather than smaller, more geographically constrained LUGs as is the
> custom elsewhere.

As it happens, there has been an effort to get a LUG going in the
Bridgewater area, which is about 75 miles from Halifax, just far
enough that it's a dis-incentive (for me, at least) to jumping into
the car and tearing off for a couple or three hours geeking out with
fellow penguin-heads.

We've had one local meet, several people in attendance, three of whom
brought their shiny new OLPC chartreuse (?) mini-laptops for Show &
Tell.  My first f2f view of "mesh" technology when they all started,
as it were, talking to each other without prompting.

Alas, the second scheduled meeting occurred just as our less than
glorious spring gave way to splendid weather.  Everyone begged off and
only the organizer and his buddy showed up.  I expect that in a month
or two, with frost on the pumpkin and all, there'll be another meet
and maybe that time we'll get airborne.  (Hello, Lucas?  Is that

Jon again:

> However, once I came to understand the geography of Nova Scotia
> better the reason became clear. The layout of Nova Scotia is such
> that other than Halifax, the population is scattered throughout the
> province in relatively small towns...

The Maritime Blacksmiths have the same problem.  Both working and
hobby blacksmiths are lightly scattered across the triangle between
Cape Breton, the South Shore and Moncton.  Meets near Truro are
equally onerous for nearly all while a meet near an apex are
especially onerous for some.  Not to mention that a geek can throw a
few tools or demo item onto a floppy while "a few tools" for a
blacksmith makes for a 100# tool chest and a demo setup may fill a
sturdy pickup.

In any case, welcome, Dan,
- Mike

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