[nSLUG] Organizing regular meetings

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Wed Aug 27 15:04:13 ADT 2008

Daniel MacKay wrote:
>> If anyone who is interested could reply to me/this thread with a day
>> of the week that would be good for you I can start compiling the list.
> Suppertime Friday :-)

Supper time for me is 10pm-ish

Meetings during the week are hard to come by,
because many people assume everyone works 8-4pm.

Heck, I don't contemplate leaving the office til 7:30-8pm.
That makes it impossible for me to attend those meetings
held at 5:30pm and close up at 7pm.

Problem stems from supporting different timezones.
Eastern vs Atlantic.  Sort of makes it tough for a lot of things,
especially finding a restaurant open after 9pm is one.

oh well

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