[nSLUG] Hi

Jon me at jonwatson.ca
Wed Aug 27 09:31:59 ADT 2008

Hi Dan,

Welcome to nSLUG.

Dan Peterson wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Dan Peterson. My wife, son and I recently moved to NS from
> Arizona. We live in Middle Musq currently but will be moving to
> Halifax next week.

I moved here from Calgary last August and currently live in Windsor. My 
wife and I opened up a 4-star B&B and I also work remotely for the 
clients of my F/LOSS consulting firm.

> I work remotely as a Systems Engineer for Engine Yard
> (http://www.engineyard.com) doing a lot of work with Xen and Gentoo.
> It's cool to see there's a LUG around. Are there ever meetings? I'd
> definitely be interested in getting together.

I'm not sure where in Arizona you're from, but if it was a large market 
then you're probably in for a disappointment. Moving from a large market 
myself, I found it surprising that the NSLUG has virtually no meetings 
other than the seemingly random coffee clatch now and again. The Calgary 
LUG has monthly meetings with speakers from all over the industry and 
that led me to believe that all LUGs were similar in that way. I also 
found it odd that there is only one LUG in the whole province rather 
than smaller, more geographically constrained LUGs as is the custom 
elsewhere. However, once I came to understand the geography of Nova 
Scotia better the reason became clear. The layout of Nova Scotia is such 
that other than Halifax, the population is scattered throughout the 
province in relatively small towns ("small" being a relative term 
depending on what you're used to). So, in a more populous area the 
relatively small percentage of Linux users still represent enough 
individuals to have meetings and organized events. In a less populous 
area like NS, it's less feasible.

I presume based on the population spread and the fact that Keane is in 
Halifax would mean that there is a higher percentage of Linux users in 
Halifax region. Once you move there, you may have better luck getting a 
meet together with local users there rather than a meet with the LUG at 


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