[nSLUG] Kubuntu

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Sat Aug 16 10:10:48 ADT 2008

Sheldon Tower wrote:
> I tried installing seamonkeyfrom Mozilla and from the Kubuntu package  
> manager,

It is rather odd that seamonkey from Ubuntu doesn't work. At this point
you may be in a situation where you have conflicting libraries. I would
recommend that you uninstall seamonkey and firefox that you downloaded
from Mozilla and try the Ubuntu packages again. If the Ubuntu packages
don't work then there is something more seriously wrong.

You can install seamonkey from the command line to see any errors etc.
As the regular user run the following command to install the full
seamonkey suite.

$ sudo aptitude install seamonkey

The sudo will prompt for your user password.

Once that is install run the following command and note any errors.

$ /usr/bin/seamonkey

Using the full path insures that you are running the Ubuntu supplied

If "hardy-updates" is set Ubuntu will track recent versions of seamonkey
and firefox. Generally there is only a short delay between releases from
Mozilla and when the packages show up in Ubuntu. To enable this in gnome
Ubuntu there is a check box under the Updates tab in the Software
Sources tool. I am not sure how to do it in Kubuntu but I imagine it is


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