[nSLUG] MacOS was: Dell Inspiron 1525N w/ Ubuntu 8.04?

Ian Bezanson irb at ianbezanson.ca
Thu Aug 14 11:56:22 ADT 2008

Ouch... Windows comparison is a little harsh.  I'd maybe draw more of  
a Solaris comparison.  I've been a long-time linux user and a user of  
Mac since OSX first came out.  I will agree that some *nix-y features  
are not as straighforward as they can be, but the basic command  
structure is all in place (vs. Windows which has jack for useful  
command-line features).

Anyhoo, I'm not going to argue too much here... I just flat-out  
disagree with what you're saying.  I agree that OSX is "different" in  
it's implementation of *nix, but honestly no more than Solaris :P

Just my two cents,

Ian Bezanson
irb at ianbezanson.ca

On 14-Aug-08, at 11:37 AM, Stephen Gregory wrote:

> MacOS is nice and all, but it is no Linux. And while it has a BSD
> layer it has about as much in common with a modern *nix as Windows
> does.
> I used MacOS both at work and at home for over a year. I have since
> replaced both machines with Ubuntu. Proponents of MacOS claim that it
> "just works." It doesn't. It works no better and no worst then any
> other modern OS. MacOS has a whole host of annoyances just like the
> other operating systems. I found MacOS fine as long as I worked
> exactly the way that Apple envisioned. As soon as I tried to work
> beyond those bounds I ran into frustration. I have long ranted against
> Gnome for being overly restrictive and only supporting the "Gnome
> way." However compared to MacOS, Gnome is far more accomodating for
> the (even only slightly) savvy user. My biggest frustration with MacOS
> was when something didn't work there was next to nothing that I could
> do to figure out what.
> From a philosophical point of view MacOS is no better then
> Windows. Both companies try very hard to control the user. If anything
> Apple is even more secretive and controlling then Microsoft.
> There is not a strong communinity of opensource MacOS developers
> despite the availability of Mac/DarwinPorts. While most *nix software
> works it often feels bolted on. The *nix tools and the MacOS
> gui fell like two isolated environments.
> MacOS is not a bad operating system, but it is not Linux. MacOS is
> fine as long as you don't mind limiting yourself to the "Apple Way."
> Linux does a far better job at presenting the full power of a computer
> to the user.
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> sg
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