[nSLUG] MacOS was: Dell Inspiron 1525N w/ Ubuntu 8.04?

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Thu Aug 14 11:37:41 ADT 2008

MacOS is nice and all, but it is no Linux. And while it has a BSD
layer it has about as much in common with a modern *nix as Windows

I used MacOS both at work and at home for over a year. I have since
replaced both machines with Ubuntu. Proponents of MacOS claim that it
"just works." It doesn't. It works no better and no worst then any
other modern OS. MacOS has a whole host of annoyances just like the
other operating systems. I found MacOS fine as long as I worked
exactly the way that Apple envisioned. As soon as I tried to work
beyond those bounds I ran into frustration. I have long ranted against
Gnome for being overly restrictive and only supporting the "Gnome
way." However compared to MacOS, Gnome is far more accomodating for
the (even only slightly) savvy user. My biggest frustration with MacOS
was when something didn't work there was next to nothing that I could
do to figure out what.

>From a philosophical point of view MacOS is no better then
Windows. Both companies try very hard to control the user. If anything
Apple is even more secretive and controlling then Microsoft.

There is not a strong communinity of opensource MacOS developers
despite the availability of Mac/DarwinPorts. While most *nix software
works it often feels bolted on. The *nix tools and the MacOS
gui fell like two isolated environments.

MacOS is not a bad operating system, but it is not Linux. MacOS is
fine as long as you don't mind limiting yourself to the "Apple Way."
Linux does a far better job at presenting the full power of a computer
to the user. 


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