[nSLUG] Dell Inspiron 1525N w/ Ubuntu 8.04?

Luke Gavel fidomail2002 at yahoo.ca
Wed Aug 13 17:15:52 ADT 2008

Thanks, I'll consider this one too.  

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> On Wed, 13 Aug 2008, Luke Gavel wrote:
> > I'm thinking of getting a ubuntu laptop from
> dell.ca.  It's about 
> > $579.00, and my primary goal is to have something
> handy to doodle with 
> > scripts in front of my TV downstairs.  Has anyone had
> good experiences 
> > with dell ubuntu laptops?  Is it even a good idea? 
> What's better?
> My experience with Dell laptops is if you get a good one
> it's OK, but if 
> you get a lemon you may as well give up and throw it
> straight in the 
> garbage.
> My latest acquisition is an Acer Aspire One; 512 meg of
> RAM, 8 gig SSD, 
> 1.6 gig dual core Atom, 2 SD card slots, 3 USB, webcam,
> wifi, nic, 3G. 
> Comes loaded with Linpus Linux with full source available
> from Acer 
> (unfortunately in RPM format but we can't have
> everything). I'm only aware 
> of one guy selling it locally as it's so new (DBW
> Computer Solutions over 
> in Dartmouth) but NCIX look to have just got it in stock 
> (http://tinyurl.com/6xcou2). Can't complain at the
> price, either.
> For my next trick, I shall try to tether it via Bluetooth
> stick to my 
> Windows Mobile phone (damn Aliant for their intransigence
> in refusing to 
> carry PalmOS) and use it for on-call work when I'm
> travelling.
> Cheers... Dop.
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