[nSLUG] Re: hex or torx with pin in middle

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Fri Aug 8 01:39:12 ADT 2008

> "Jailhouse 101:  How to survive in the slammer"

I'm pretty sure I spotted some "jail screws" in the men's room on the
2nd floor of the Killam Library at Dal.  You know, round head but made
originally to be the way a round slot head screw looks after you've
mangled it trying to get it out.  I guess the student hobby of
dismatling stalls and taking them away for further pranks isn't
supported at Dal.  I don't think you can do those with a toothbrush
and a lighter.

ObLinux: I just discovered that you can't use an alias known to the
shell as an argument to find -exec.  Even find -exec csh foo doesn't
seem to work (when foo is an alias known to the shell in which find
runs.)  Somehow I expected find to execute arguments to exec in a
subshell where aliases would be recognized.  Not that it's important.
Always something yet to learn.

- Mike

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