[nSLUG] hex or torx with pin in middle

Rory Bray rory at unixism.org
Thu Aug 7 14:48:34 ADT 2008

Unca Jim, tell us the one about making a shiv from a toothbrush!

Jim Haliburton wrote:
> Hello:
> The query regarding the hex (allen Key ) or Torx head screw with a centre 
> pin is indeed a security pin.
> Princess Auto has sold 1/4" driver sets with a collection of various 
> allen and torx bits with centre holes.
> Have a set myself that I got at Princess Auto in Dartmouth.
> Now if you had served some time and smoked and used a toothbrush you 
> might know that softeneing the end of the toothbrush with your lighter 
> and pushing the softened end of the toothbrush against the head of the 
> screw would give you a temporary but very accurate tool.  Only defeated 
> by using Loctite on the threads.  The Loctite usually will allow it to 
> come loose with a metal bit, but not the plastic bit.  To bypas this you 
> apply the lighter to the screw head to soften the Loctite while using 
> your buddy's lighter to soften the toothbrush.
> The above is an approximate excerpt from
> "Jailhouse 101:  How to survive in the slammer"
> Cheeky Jim
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