[nSLUG] hex or torx with pin in middle

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Thu Aug 7 14:05:06 ADT 2008


The query regarding the hex (allen Key ) or Torx head screw with a centre 
pin is indeed a security pin.

Princess Auto has sold 1/4" driver sets with a collection of various 
allen and torx bits with centre holes.

Have a set myself that I got at Princess Auto in Dartmouth.

Now if you had served some time and smoked and used a toothbrush you 
might know that softeneing the end of the toothbrush with your lighter 
and pushing the softened end of the toothbrush against the head of the 
screw would give you a temporary but very accurate tool.  Only defeated 
by using Loctite on the threads.  The Loctite usually will allow it to 
come loose with a metal bit, but not the plastic bit.  To bypas this you 
apply the lighter to the screw head to soften the Loctite while using 
your buddy's lighter to soften the toothbrush.

The above is an approximate excerpt from

"Jailhouse 101:  How to survive in the slammer"

Cheeky Jim

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