[nSLUG] Calgary ISPs

Bradley Hazelton bradley at bradnet.net
Sat Apr 26 21:10:29 ADT 2008

I use shaw in Calgary. Yes there is some shaping, but I've had torrents 
max my 10mbit link. There is a 25Mbit plan as well. I'm just avoiding 
Telus completely. I use Primus VoIP service and have no issues, but I 
had to get QOS on my service from shaw to improve it because they would 
rather you have their phone service and make VoIP suck :P

If you want, the Calgary LUG website is http://www.clug.ca/

Honestly, when I saw the subject this morning I quickly looked, saw LUG 
and Calgary ISP and thought it was on the CLUG list!

Daniel Enman wrote:
> Perhaps I should be emailing a LUG group in Calgary, but I figured  
> someone on this list has lived in Calgary.
> I'm moving out there the first of May, and I'm in need of an ISP. I've  
> looked around, and found Shaw, and Telus, etc. Has anyone had an  
> experience with them out there? Any other suggestions?
> Dan
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